Co-owners IMN Copenhagen, Senior Managing Partners of Algarve & Costa del Sol Property, Partners in life and in business Thomas Vernholm & Helena Vernholm

Helena Vernholm and Thomas Vernholm here together with actor and pilot John Travolta.

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Thomas Vernholm is a serial entrepreneur with a strong sales background and with more than 2 decades of personal experience in sales, marketing and capital investments. He is danish and raised in Denmark. Today, he focuses on investing in and sourcing real estate and real estate projects in Portugal, Spain, UK and Australia to investors as well as being the Co-founder of an NGO in Tanzania. He has a past as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry and in the media industry. He loves the mobile lifestyle and enjoys spending time in Portugal, UK, US and Spain where he also has a lot of business operations and business partners and where he likes to be nearby both his business partners and be close to the properties and potential investors. Thomas loves traveling, networking and experiencing new cultures and connecting with people. Thomas has been married to Helena Vernholm for nine years and they live together in Algarve, Portugal.  

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Helena Vernholm is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of sales, marketing, financial and entrepreneurial experience particularly with focus on brand strategy, real estate investments and real estate sourcing. Helena is a certified investment management analyst and has worked as an Investment Manager both in Scandinavia and in Sydney, Australia. Helena has previously worked for Googles vendor in Copenhagen, Denmark for approximately four years as an Google AdWords and Google Analytics marketing strategist with Googles Advertising Agency Partners throghout Scandinavia as her clients. Helena is born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden where she has her roots on her mothers side as well as in Tanzania where she also has family living on her fathers side. Today she lives with her husband Thomas Vernholm in Algarve, Portugal. Helena has always had a strong desire to 'give back' to society and create positive changes in the world around her. Helena has adopted a unique and proven international approach to capital investment, business success and innovative technlogy in order to source, fund and develop sound, yet lucrative property projects of any size as well as providing venture philanthropy solutons and opportunities to investors and philanthropists which includes both grant funding and social impact investments.  

 Co-owners IMN Copenhagen, Senior Managing Partners of PropertyAmbassador, Partners in life and in business Jenny Persson & Carlos Santos

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Carlos Santos is a full time serial entrepreneur. His focus turned from being the top within hotel management to real estate operations. Born and raised in Portugal while having roots in Angola has allowed him to appreciate and embrace cultural differences. Carlos Santos is today living with his family in Denmark. In Carlos early 20s he was a pioneer in the hotel business. Carlos was running his own company with 700 employees. The company still exists in Algarve in Portugal. He has 10 years experience in the property business.  

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Jenny Persson is an entrepreneur focusing on real estate operations. She has also a strong background as a Sales Manager within the airline and travel industry. Born and raised in Sweden with an international mind-set from all her traveling worldwide. Jenny Persson is today living in Denmark together with Carlos Santos and their family. Jenny has 20 years of experience in sales and marketing in different markets and positions mainly within the airline business. Jenny has a strong entrepreneurship mind-set and during the years she has established and been running several companies on her own with a great success.