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About our next IMN CPH Keynote Speaker, Director of Sucess Resources & Bookara Beach Waterfront Development and so much more; Oliver Tham

We hope that you are all doing fine and really enjoyed our last IMN CPH event together with all of us on May 22, where we had the pleasure of hearing from both Derek Eurales Jr, Jeremy Prasetyo, Egil Nybakk and Rikke Louise Andersen.  

Our next IMN CPH event will take place on the 28th of June at kl 20:00 (Danish time) and this time it will be our honor to introduce you all to Mr. Oliver Tham - The Director at Bookara Beach Waterfront Development Pty. Ltd., One of the Directors of Success Resources, The Director at Tanjung Lesung WD and Thams Development. Oliver Tham is one of the worlds foremost City Developers and his amazing team that he works with consists of no less than some of the very best Architects in the world and are; Desmond Brooks, Partick McGuinness, John Rust, Lee Dunne and John Wilcock as well as the world renowned Golf Design Architects: - Harrison Kruse with Harley Kruse and Bob Harrison. Oliver Tham is however located in Brisbane, Australia and this IMN CPH event will hence take place over Zoom and be an online event where you get to hear from Oliver himself, where he will share his keynotes, offer some great advice to anyone interested in property investments or city developments, what you need to think about as a property and city developer why and how he got to be where he is today, what his big "Why" in life is, what his vision is and what drives him.  

About our next IMN CPH Keynote Speaker Martin Christian Celosse-Andersen

We are very excited to say the least to be able to introduce you all to our next Keynote Speaker Martin Christian Celosse-Andersen, founder of the consulting company 'En Procent Er Nok,', who has lived a life that required everything from him in order for him to be able to change and transform his situation completely. He is a living proof of that 1% is enough, to create a 100% change in your life, if you have the will, motivation and are willing to do what it takes. Or as he says, 1% is enough to initiate the process of becoming more of one thing and less of another, and that is enough to start a radical life transformation.  

Martin Andersen was part of the criminal environment for 12 years and ended up as president of an international notoriously feared motorcycle club and their departments in Næstved and Roskilde. He has left the criminal environment completely and is determined to live a normal life far away from everything to do with crime and the type of life he previously lived and he is passionate about using his life and experiences to show others what is possible and can be done with the right support and mindset.  

Martin Andersen has today put 'Wu', the name he was better known as during his criminal past by his former peers, and his 12 years in the criminal environment, and his presidency in the international motorcycle club completely behind him. He has taken the Psychology Association's further training in psychological debriefing, the board's mentoring program, he has taught three PhD units at DPU and trained others in the Exit program, written four articles. Martin has also improved the Exit program and created the Exit program 2.0 as well as he has founded a consultancy firm working in the crime prevention field as well as a communicator and motivational keynote speaker. Martin's next step is to embark on his Psychology studies.  

One question Martin Andersen puts himself today is: "How much good do you have to do, to compensate for all the bad you've done?"  

Martin is passionate today about helping people and he wants to show people how they can change their situation and that everything is possible by using his own life and experiences as a great example of this very fact. If the will to transform your life truly exists, together with the passion and the drive to do so, this can indeed be done, no matter how hard it may seem, it is always possible and 1% really is enough to start to make that change towards a 100% change.  

"The way in which you are changeable defines your degree of success." You can not expect a different result outcome if you always act and behave the same way. In order to change ourselves, we must be open to change and it starts from within and we must change our mindset and our culture.  

In organizations it has been found that it takes time to embed culture change and cultural change can be defined as 'transformational' as it challenges the underlying assumptions of an organisation and is ongoing and adaptive. A framework of competing values can help define types of organisational culture. There are a number of key enablers to culture change, as well as inhibitors that relate more specifically to the public sector. Broader organizational processes like attraction, selection, socialization, and attrition might also play a role.  

Martin Christain Celosse-Andersen knows what he is talking about! He has changed his own life radically and dramatically. He comes from a sub-culture and he has grown up in that sub-culture. He has had a shocking upbringing and he has had all odds against him. He has been told by specialists in their field, that there is nothing that he can do to change his situation. That has not been true however and it did not fit. Today, he helps people to believe in themselves, to be passionate and to be keen to not make the same mistake that many make, to not become comfortable with the status quo, to not falsly believe that their situation is hopeless which can make them powerless and incapable of changing their situation. He helps whole communities and individuals to change their views and their culture so that they can achieve the results they are striving for.  

Martin is today a specialist consultant as well as a very successful and passionate motivational Speaker, Blogger and Writer and holds talks that engages people and helps them with their organizational cultural change management issues and processes.  

In a constantly changing world where the market situation changes constantly, yesterday is not like today. It is more important than previously to be well equipped, informed, flexible, adaptable and willing to change.  

Martin shows that everything is really possible but we must believe it and be prepared and well equipped and willing to do what it takes. Many times, it's about changing a little bit with a significant change as a result. "One percent is enough for one hundred percent change" We look forward to be learning, engaging and taking part in a very inspiring and motivational evening that will encourage us all to be very open to change and take even more action in order to make the changes necessary in order to have even more success in our businesses as entrepreneurs and in our personal lives. And it can be concluded that Martin truly agrees with JT Foxx, when JT says; "How you change is how you succeed."

About speaker Deva Jeganathan  

The Property Event of The Year 2018 - Learn from Deva Jeganathan a self-made millionaire and Serial Entrepreneur “How to find trustworthy and reliable sourcing agents or Local partners for your investments?” 

Deva is an international public speaker on property investments in UK, property entrepreneur, a coach and the Founder and CEO of The Property Direct. He won the award for the “Property Deal Sourcer of the Year 2015” and Finalist for the “Landlord of the Year 2016”. He has spoken in 15 countries speaking about property investments. He works with many local and overseas investors and also has clients, rather than customers. TRUST and LOYALTY are the values of all the services that he offers. 

  He and his team are extremely dedicated property finders, consultants, investors and partners, sourcing properties and partnerships from South East, UK - mainly London, Kent, and Reading, to local and overseas investors. They mainly deal with properties, which can be converted into HMOs, buy-to-lets, and multi-lets at Below Market Value in emerging markets. Also, he has just started a new B&B stream to his business and has a strong desire to diversify his business to small hotel chains. His motto is just not about sourcing or investing, it is about “Educating, Participating and Inspiring”  

According to Deva, “If you do what you do with passion, nothing in this world can stop you.” At the IMN CPH event meeting, Deva will be talking about “How to find trustworthy and reliable sourcing agent for your investments?” will give you an insight about the following areas whether you are a novice in property investments or if you are professional property investor. 

He is very down-to-earth and has very strong negotiation skills. Trust and Loyalty are the main values of the service of his business. His speech is about “How to find trustworthy and reliable sourcing agent for your investments?” will give you an insight about the following areas whether you are a novice in property investments or if you are professional property investor. The areas which will be covered during his speech will be:

1. How to build the appropriate team? 2. The service you must expect from the property sourcer. 3. How to find the right location? 4. How to find the right property? 5. How to find the right strategy for your investments – HMO, B&Bs, buy-to- lets, services apartments etc., and many more important facts to be considered while finding a trust-worthy and reliable sourcing agent.

More information about Deva and his services can be found at:


 Our next IMN CPH event will take place on the 28th of June at kl 20:00 and this time it will be our honor to introduce you all to Mr. Oliver Tham. This will be be an online event where you get to hear from Oliver himself, where he will share his keynotes, offer some great advice to anyone interested in property investments, raising capital, natural landscape developments or city developments. DON'T MISS IT!  

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The Intelligent Millionaires Network is aiming to help entrepreneurs and investors in reaching their next level. Millionaire speakers share their knowledge, stories and strategies for you to take home and apply to your business. The IMN is GLOBAL with clubs all over the world. As a member, you can attend any club event for FREE and as a non-member you are welcome to join us for FREE for your first event. You're welome to bring a guest with you too, register above and we look forward to hopefully see you both at our next event on March 1 at 6:30 pm.

About our Speaker Linnéa Kempe

Linnéa Kempe is a serial entrepreneur, investor, international speaker and certified professional coach from Sweden. Her strategic mind has made her successful at a very young age and she's already traveling all around the world speaking in front of thousands of people about the next generation business, entrepreneurship and leadership on some of the biggest seminar platforms in the world.  

Linnéa has experience working with business development, sales, marketing strategies, human resources, reorganizations, team management, events and professional coaching. Today she runs her group of companies together with her partners and she is the CEO of the Global Wealth Investment Group that is working with entrepreneurs and investors all over the world that want to take their businesses and brands to the next level.  

They educate people in the Next Generation Business and show them how to become financially independent by investing smart on the market today. They also operates and own one of the largest publishing companies for audio books in Sweden. They invest in properties in Europe and they constantly look at other deals where they connect investors and business owners with the right people (based on their needs) since they have a big group of entrepreneurs and high level people from all of the world in their network.  

Linnéa has personally met, been mentored and spent time with big names like Richard Branson, Will Smith, Hugh Hilton, George Ross, JT Foxx, Robert Kiyosaki, Randi Zuckerberg and Stedman Graham (who all have a very high net worth) and she has also shared the same stages as business icons and celebrities like Tony Robbins, John Travolta, Calvin Klein, Fredrik Ekelund, Kim Kiyosaki, 50 Cent, Nick Vujicic, Gene Simmons, Mel Gibson, Nido Qubein and Michelle Mone in front of thousands of people.  

Linnéa has a big following on social media and she has been seen in the global media on both tv and radio shows like UK Business Talk, Cliff Central South Africa, ANN7 TV, Swedish Radio P4 and One More Round Show. She has also been featured in Global Woman Magazine (cover issue Aug-17), Huffington Post, Biz Community, AT and Dossier Magazine among others.

Do not miss our recent interview with Linnéa Kempe on IMNCPH.TV

About our Speaker Rikke Louise Andersen

Rikke Louise Andersen is a 36 year old 'lady boss entrepreneur' from Denmark. She is married with 2 kids and runs a very successful fitness center with more than 2000 members.  

On top of that she's a real estate investor with a portfolio of properties in Denmark and is always looking for new ways of expanding her business.  

She's been working for an American skincare company where she expanded & branded their business in more than 42 countries and achieved a yearly revenue of over 9 million dollars in doing so. She's been through hell and back but still managed to keep her business and health in great shape.  

Currently she's running for candidate for the upcoming election in Denmark because she want's to make a change and be able to have an impact for the sake of her children and their future.  

She's a fighter and a pitbull that never gives up. Her heart and soul goes out to children and she is passionate about helping children in need.  

Rikke recently did an interview with Mr. John Travolta and got a chance to sit down and interview him and learn from the very best in the industry on how to brand yourself.  

Rikke is going to tell us when she visits IMN CPH on November 30, how she managed to turn her debt of over 1 million (USD) dollars through her strengths into a situation where she was completely debt free after meeting JT Foxx and his team of successful business coaches. She now wants to teach others how to do the same and show them how they are able to build a successful brand and business around their own unique strengths, passions and interests.

Do not miss our upcoming interview with Rikke Louise Andersen on IMNCPH.TV

About our Keynote Speaker Victor Bojanowski

About the speaker Victor Bojanowski  

Victor has very early in his career, managed to create and cultivate a salesforce of over 4000 sales consultants, led to convey over 35,000 customers in just 3 years. Victor's leadership strategy and driving force prompted everyone in the organization to engage and involve themselves like they had stocks in the company. Victor's drive and commitment to his projects testify why he manages to attract authorities around himself to be a part of his network and presence.  

Why listen to Victor? Victor is dynamic, energetic, goal-oriented, and unusually inspiring person, who can inspire and capture the focus of an audience throughout a course or seminar. His unusual fascinating journey from nothing to authority with p...ractical experience in businesses such as: Frozen yogurt chain, Online Shops, Bar, Import / Export business, Telemarketing, Direct Sales, Advertising agency, firework business and today all those ventures led him to, which aim to help new, as well as existing entrepreneurs, to get a proactive accountant partner so support their business.  

One of Victor's strengths is his unique ability to create, nurture and maintain his relationships. Victor furthermore has a real talent which enables him to transform his ideas and thoughts and manifest these into reality. In addition, Victor is very efficient in terms of productivity, systematization and Leadership. "Don’t ask anyone to do something that you you are not willing to do yourself."  

Do not miss our recent interview with Victor Bojanowski on IMNCPH.TV

About our Keynote Speaker Charlotte Hågård

About the Keynote speaker Charlotte Hågård  

PIONEER ★ Charlotte is an experienced and passionate career, personal branding LinkedIn expert, Executive Business coach, leadership trainer public speaker (150 000+ people) since 25 years. Charlotte has guided 10 000´s of people to build their personal brand and find an inspiring and fulfilling worklife. 1992 she became an entrepreneur and pioneered the career industry in Sweden.  

★Today, Charlotte runs three companies. Newstart, one of the leading Swedish companies in outplacement, career coaching, change management and leadership training. Active Choice, where she writes, produces, markets and sells her own books, e-books and online courses. Her new company, Social Branding Group, is a global digital company, offering online services for personal and employer branding with focus on LinkedIn.  

★ Charlotte is also a bestselling author of 8 books in the Career & Personal branding field. Her latest book "STAND OUT ON LINKEDIN! – Create business and career success"​ has been a huge success in Sweden. She is frequently interviewed in the media and radio all over Sweden and BBC. She has had her own career column in Sweden’s biggest newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, and been a popular career coach on TV4 morning show.  

★ She is a nationally and internationally recognized thought leader and popular speaker on personal branding in social media, career planning, the new world of work and leadership.  

CHARLOTTES MOTTO ★ Life is too short to have a boring worklife. A great career = a great life!  

The Intelligent Millionires (IMN) is growing and new IMN network clubs are opening every month! This month we have launched IMN Munich, IMN Cardiff, IMN Cologne, and IMN Dallas. Soon to follow, is a reopening of IMN Toronto with new club owners, IMN Sydney, IMN Melbourne by the end of the month of October. By the end of 2017 / beginning of 2018 we will be launching IMN Los Angeles, and IMN San Diego, and reopening IMN Stockholm / IMN Oslo with new club owners. We recently also have a new club owner for IMN Chicago. 

IMN is a global network that starts within your local community. IMN has chapters all over the world. From the United States, to Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Copenhagen, Switzerland, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, we have entrepreneurs and investors from all over who are looking to find deals, partners and/or invest in new business ideas. Our platform gives you the tools to grow your business in a positive and supportive community of business owners and investors of different calibers.  

The Intelligent Millionaires Network helps our members by giving them access to learn from an assortment of materials. Local meetings run each month that bring in a local business expert / millionaire who shares their strategies and secrets to their business success. Topics of discussion vary, from organizational structure, processes, product implementation, marketing, building a brand, hiring the right team, and scaling a business are just a few of the many types. All members receive a coaching blueprint that is gone over at every club meeting, and accountability sessions are held monthly to keep you on track. We are not afraid to give you a push and get your out of your comfort zone. In fact, thats what everyone loves so much about us. We do monthly case studies on other Millionaires, such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Michael Bloomberg, to identify how they made their first million. On top of that, you are given access to every member from all over the world via our membership platform, where you can search by Industry to help your business grow beyond your local community. 

The Importance of Networking for Entrepreneurs  

Networking is powerful in many different ways. Not only entrepreneurs will feel inspired and motivated after attending specific meetings, but also many exceptional opportunities can occur if they impress potential investors or business partners. Do not forget to be yourself and present your company the way you want other people to see it in order to create honest fundamentals for one potential business relationship.  

Create a plan with specific goals that you need to follow. Know when, where and why you are going to an event, what your goals are and what do you want to achieve with your attendance to this particular meet up. As an entrepreneur your time is very important and you must have clear vision of what you are going to spend it on. Cautiously select your options and choose the one that will bring the most advantages to your business. It is widely known that connections come as a result of other connections and as usual the hardest part of the whole network-building process is the start.  

In the era of communication, it is unnatural to limit yourself by staying solely local, even if your business is devoted to the local community. Attending international meetings and reaching out to people from around the world will expand your vision and improve your business approach. Meeting other entrepreneurs, angel investors, bloggers and all other business enthusiasts will inspire you to reach for your personal improvement. 

Every successful person has to jump. If you are getting up everyday and not giving it your all, you are just existing in life. You are not here to simply "exist". As an entrepreneur, you are passionate and you have embraced what you are good at. You know your strengths and you have identified your weaknesses. Now it's time to build on what you are good at, and find others to fill in the gaps of where you are lacking. Go out today and meet someone new. Every day have a goal to meet 5 new people, and build on those relationships. Get out of your comfort zone, and make this commitment.  

Background about the Co-owners of the intelligent Millionaires Network Copenhagen in Denmark. 

Carlos Santos

Carlos Santos is a full time serial entrepreneur. His focus turned from being the top within hotel management to real estate operations. Born and raised in Portugal while having roots in Angola has allowed him to appreciate and embrace cultural differences. Carlos Santos is today living with his family in Denmark. In Carlos early 20s he was a pioneer in the hotel business. Carlos was running his own company with 700 employees. The company still exists in Algarve in Portugal. He has 10 years experience in the property business.  

Jenny Persson

Jenny Persson is an entrepreneur focusing on real estate operations. She has also a strong background as a Sales Manager within the airline and travel industry. Born and raised in Sweden with an international mind-set from all her traveling worldwide. Jenny Persson is today living in Denmark together with Carlos Santos and their family. Jenny has 20 years of experience in sales and marketing in different markets and positions mainly within the airline business. Jenny has a strong entrepreneurship mind-set and during the years she has established and been running several companies on her own with a great success.  

Thomas Vernholm

Thomas Vernholm is the Senior Managing Partner of Algarve & Costa del Sol Property. Thomas has more than two decades of personal experience in sales, marketing and capital investments. He is danish and is born and raised in Denmark. Today, he focuses on investing in real estate and sourcing real estate throughout Portugal, Spain, US and Australia to commercial investors and private home buyers. Thomas is also a Crypto Currency investor as well as being the Co-founder of an NGO in Tanzania. He has a past as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry and in the media industry. He loves the mobile lifestyle and enjoys spending time in Portugal, UK, US and Spain where he also has a lot of business operations and business partners and where he likes to be nearby both his business partners, the properties and commercial real estate developments that he is involved in as much as he can. Thomas loves traveling, networking, finding good and unique property deals that he can source to his international network of investors and at the same time experiencing new cultures and connecting with people on a global scale. Thomas has been married to Helena Vernholm for nine years and resides with her at present time in Algarve, Portugal.

Helena Vernholm

Helena Vernholm is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of sales, marketing, financial and entrepreneurial experience particularly with focus on brand strategy, business development and optimization, real estate investments, crypto currency investments and real estate sourcing. Helena is a certified investment management analyst and has worked as an Investment Manager both in Scandinavia and in Sydney, Australia. Helena has previously worked for Googles vendor in Copenhagen, Denmark for approximately four years as an Google AdWords and Google Analytics marketing strategist. Helena is born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden where she has her roots on her mothers side as well as in Tanzania where she also has family living on her fathers side. Today she lives with her Danish husband Thomas Vernholm in Algarve, Portugal and she is also the Senior Managing Partner of Algarve & Costa del Sol Property. Helena has always had a strong desire to 'give back' to society and create positive changes in the world around her. Helena has adopted a unique and proven international approach to capital investment, business success and innovative technlogy in order to source, fund and develop sound, yet lucrative property projects of any size as well as providing venture philanthropy solutons and opportunities to investors and philanthropists which includes both grant funding and social impact investments.  

Club FAQ  

How Do I Join? Attend a local club meeting near you! The calendar holds all of the upcoming meetings for our Chapters worldwide. Anyone who is looking to start / grow their business, is welcome to attend their first club meeting for free. We are a members-only club. Our members are Entrepreneurs / Investors in many different types of industries who want an exclusive platform to network and grow their business on a local and global scale.  

Is This Club For Me? Our members are entrepreneurs / small business owners who are looking to better themselves and grow their business. The Intelligent Millionaires Network connects you to local millionaires and successful business owners who you can strategize with. We set goals with you to achieve over the course of a year and bring in local millionaires who have built their businesses and teach you how to do the same to meet your goals. This club is for any business owner who is looking to make their first million, their first ten million, or their first 100 million.  

What Is The Cost Of The Club? Your first meeting is free as a non-member so you can get a first hand experience of what it would be like to become a member. This club does not sell products. Our speakers are brought in for their content and to help you grow. We are a club that brings people together to do deals and better their business, not to sell you things each month.  

What Is The Club Vision? We are the Intelligent Millionaires Network, the global and local network whose intention is to get you the tools, support, and connection to get your business to that first million. If you are a millionaire, we support you to get you to that 10 million mark, and those who dare to push the 100 million, we give you the tools to do so as well. This is not like any other business club where every month an ordinary speaker speaks and at the end they try to sell to you some book or CD set. This is your millionaire accountability group, who will not let you fail. Refer to the About Us Section for more details..  

How Do I Network With Other Businesses Nearby and Worldwide? After becoming a member of the club, you are given access to our worldwide membership portal. Members are categorized by location, industry, and what they are looking to find. The membership portal connects you to exclusive circles tailored to what you are looking to achieve. Are you looking for an Investor? A Partner? Advice and Education to grow your business? A global support system? Our membership platform will give you all of these tools. You will also be invited to networking meetings / meet-ups both locally and worldwide every month. All meetings are free to members. As a member, you have a home Chapter, but are free to go to any Club Chapter meeting around the world that you wish to attend.  

What Happens After I Register For An Upcoming Club Meeting Online? Upon registering for an upcoming club meeting, you will be contacted via email from the team of that Club Chapter. This email will confirm your registration and give you follow up details for your upcoming meeting. If you happen to not see an email come through, check your spam folder or email that local club chapter for additional information. You can always email the IMN Membership Team at for any information that you need.  

Can I Bring Guests? Yes. If you are not a member, you can attend a club meeting one time for free. Both you and your guests may attend the club meeting for free one time and you can bring as many people as you would like. As a member, you are encouraged to bring nonmembers to the club as well. They too are allowed to attend one meeting for free. The more people there, the better the networking and possible deal making opportunities. Remember if you bring value to the table, others will do the same for you. Just make sure your guests are registered so the Club Chapter can plan ahead accordingly.  

Where Can I Check To See Where The Club Meeting Will Be Held? You can check the meeting calendar to see all of the upcoming club meetings around the world  

Who Do I Contact If I Cannot Make A Club Meeting? If you have registered but cannot attend, that is ok. You can email your local club owner or our membership team to let us know. To reach our membership team, you can email them at Otherwise, we will just see you next time!  

How Can I Leave A Testimonial For The Club Meeting I attended? You can email your written / video testimonial to and we will post it online  

Is the Club Connected To The Foxx Coaching Organization? No. The club is a separate business from the Foxx Organization / Top1 Coaching  

What Is The Dress Code? Business casual. You will want to look like you belong. Men, please wear a suit and tie. Ladies, please wear a nice suit / skirt / blouse. If you show up with jeans, a t-shirt, and sandals, you will be asked to change before entering the meeting room.  

Where Can I Ask Additional Questions About The Club / Club Meetings? You can email the Membership Team at IMN Headquarters via with the subject title “Club Question” or you can reach out to your local club chapter and speak with your club owner.  

Intelligent Millionaires Network is aiming to help entrepreneurs and investors in reaching their next level. 

Millionaire speakers share their knowledge, stories and strategies for you to take home and apply to your business. The IMN is GLOBAL with clubs all over the world. As a member, you can attend any club event for FREE and as a non-member you are welcome to join us for FREE for your first event. However, here in the monh of June (2018), we have decided to do something really secial for everyone. We invite everyone who has visited us before, to feel free to visit us again! If you have come to visit us previously, but not yet have become an IMN CPH member, you are welcome to still join our next online event with Oliver Tham on June 28, at 20:00 and you are most welcome to invite a guest (or several guests for that matter) too. Just please make sure that you all register before the event through the 'REGISTER' button above or below. We look forward to see you on the 28th of June. We assure you, that you do NOT want to miss out on this! It will be an amazing evening with the unique opportunity to learn from one of the world's very best at what he does! Building Cities around the world that are absolutely incredible!


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